The Nielsen Collection


Design visions for the future. Trendsetting designs committed to fresh contemporary styling that will engage one’s imagination. The Nielsen Collection specializes in kitchen and bath redesign and whole-house renovations.

The Nielsen Collection

Known in their field for having a niche in which their talent stands above the rest. Such as a revered ability to design kitchens and bathrooms that wow homeowners and guest alike. We create luxurious trendsetting environments through a commitment to fresh, contemporary styling that will engage one’s imagination. In addition to the kitchen and bath, we specialize in whole-home renovations and new construction. With a passion for clean, well-appointed lines and personalization, our award-winning team of artisans and project pros see each endeavor through from beginning to end. We are here to create the masterpiece of which you dream.

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Home, has never been more important and meaningful than in this present moment. In the spirit of giving we are offering for a limited time,

Does your space need an upgrade, or improvement in its functionality and comfortability? Booking our 1 hour in person consultations is the first step. During this time, we’ll walk through your space, discuss your goals and needs, and explore how the home needs to function. This is the time to communicate your dream wishlist for your home. We’ll also review all of your inspiration images, so we leave with a very clear understanding of your vibe and design esthetic. As a follow up to the consult, we'll provide you a design proposal and projected project budget.

The information and wisdom provided during and after the consultation will establish a framework for your next project. Life is too short to live in a home you don't love.

We are here to make your dream home, a reality!

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Design Services

Consults and Makeovers

Our Expert Designing Team helps homeowners and businesses create beautiful life-style and luxury spaces that reflect their personal style and taste.

Whether you need help with designing or decorating your home or commercial space, our team of Designing Experts will help you create the ideal spaces you desire. All services start with our Design Assessment and Consultation to provide advice and begin the plan of action.

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What’s your Style?


A Minimalist home displays simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette using color as an accent. This type of home combines an open floor plan with lots of light, and functional furniture, while focusing on the shape, color, and texture of just a few essential elements. Warm minimalist is surely on trend for 2023. So, enjoy a simpler and more meaningful life with Minimalism.


Almost a crossover with Minimalism, Contemporary style offers a clutter free space. It embraces minimalistic elements. Shades of gray, beige, and white are my go to colors to create a fuss free interior that is thoughtful with hidden details that emphasize an edited aesthetic, not to be confused with Mid Century Modern, which is a period in time.

Mid Century Modern/Modern

Again, in keeping with minimalistic interiors that are paired with Monochromatic neutral colors Mid-Century Modern refers to an aesthetic movement during the early mid-twentieth century. Simply lines and curved shapes, but without embellishment.


When combining elements of Traditional with modern or contemporary you are designing your own masterpiece. The result is a balance of classic and modern in equal amounts. A palette of warmer tones is usually the preferred palette. You are creating a multi-layered space.


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