The Nielsen Collection


I have had the pleasure of working with Faye for almost 8 years - she is such a treasure to collaborate with! She has great attention to detail and is phenomenal at creating stunning design boards for all her clients. She creates beautiful, innovative, bold designs and always cutting edge on the newest trends. PLUS, she has the most bubbly personality that can brighten anyone's day. Very reliable and always available. One of the best in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area!

- Business_Name_Placeholder

July 1, 2022

I worked with Faye Nielsen on a 2+ year whole-house renovation. She was involved with all aspects of design, right down to the final finishing touches. Faye is extremely knowledgeable, accessible, responsive, and hands-on. She listened to what we wanted and turned our home into a beautiful and elegant yet functional home, that has made a lasting impression on everyone who has seen it for the first time. All materials are state of the art and will last a life time. Faye's talent has been showcased in many magazines, articles, design awards, of which she has walked away a WINNER, and most recently featured in a TV show! I just knew I found a needle in a haystack when I met Faye! She's simply amazing at passionate about her work. We respect Faye for her honestly, ability to work within a budget, and have already put her to work on our next project, as she has proven to be a designer that can help you with any aspect of design, regardless of 'style'. THANK YOU FAYE!

- Stormy Skogg

February 17, 2019

Faye has a great vision and works with any style to make it your own. One of the most honest in the industry. I continually get compliments on my home time after time because of her vision.

- airib

April 18, 2017

Faye has does a great job designing several rooms in my home. She is very responsive and listens to what you want in your home and will stay in your budget. She is also a fun person to work with and doesn't try and push her ideas on you. She has such vision and can't wait to have her design another room in my home.

- chelsea21

October 4, 2016

Faye is a creative and talented designer. She really has an eye for insuring that the entire overall look of a project is cohesive and really flows together. We worked with her on a modern home remodel that just came out looking fabulous. It really had that "wow" factor that people strive for. She is a sweetheart and we would highly recommend her.

- Fast Lane Metalworks, llc.

December 18, 2015

Faye Nielsen is a highly acclaimed designer in Dallas. I work at the kitchen/bath store she purchases material from for all her projects and each one is exceptional. She has several years of experience and a unique design style personalized to each of her client's taste. She knows everything from tile, installation, plumbing, cabinetry, outdoor landscaping and overall aesthetic. She is a joy to work with and each client is guaranteed a beautiful home.

- merramsey

August 3, 2015

Faye Nielsen exhibits style, design detail, creativity and professionalism on her interior design projects. When working with her on jobs, she takes in consideration the clients needs and maps out the job based on their budget and lifestyle. Fashion Glass & Mirror enjoys working with her because she communicates in great detail and provides us with the needed information to get the project completed to the clients satisfaction.

- Fashion Glass & Mirror

February 11, 2015

The Nielsen Collection did a fantastic job in my master bath remodel. I wanted a very modern-looking bathroom, and a specific budget, and she was able to make it happen with her terrific connections with contractors and suppliers. The bathroom turned out better than I expected, and am so very happy with Faye and her team. My budget was not very high, given the style and selection I wanted, but she made it happen and I could not be happier! She is able to come up with terrific innovative solutions for space compartmentalization, lighting, and the overall flow of how a person's experience should be for that given area. Just look at her portfolio and it will speak for itself. The best part is she was absolutely fair with her pricing for the amount of work she did, so I had no issues with her at all. Would hire again 10/10 times!

- Percival Mosaedi

Faye is a sweetheart to work with and works very hard to make sure she incorporates your thoughts and ideas into the final design.
In a word... awesome!

- pstephens312

March 6, 2014

The Nielsen Collection provided a prompt review and evaluation of my 1966 ranch home in Dallas Texas. A remodel of the family room and joining kitchen was transformed from a dreary living space to a bright functional contemporary design. A complete remodel of the flagstone fireplace, paneled walls, oak cabinets, confined kitchen spaces and living area were transformed.
Ms. Nielsen innately picked up on my style and had a vision immediately. I undoubtedly trusted her ideas, vision, and the direction she encouraged the project should proceed. Expectations were clear, minimal client management, exceptional attention to detail, and a high standard for excellence is nothing short of The Nielsen Collection experience.

- hlkossick

December 21, 2013

My husband and I have worked with Faye Nielsen over the last 9 years. We have done a family room remodel, a large kitchen redo and we are now in the middle of major remodel, reconstruction after a flood in our home. Faye loves her work and it comes through in her design. She will work with you to create a vision for your home that is timeless, functional and of course stunningly beautiful. Wether you turn over total control to Faye or you want to be involved in every decision, she is patient, accomadating and unending wealth of ideas and problem solving. In addition to her lovely design aesthetic Faye is a kind and generous person. She is also has the invaluable ability to diffuse disagreements and find common ground between spouses when wants and needs begin to clash. We have the highest regard for Faye as a designer and as a person.

- Yvonne Hughes

September 22, 2013

Ms. Nielsen is a reliable and committed designer. She listens closely to my needs and diligently looks for and explores different materials, fabrics and designs that would be suitable for each of my projects. She always looks for the latest trends and attempts to incorporate those ideas into the physical layout of my home. I highly recommend this dedicated professional.

- Nancy

September 6, 2013

A gifted remarkable person. Charmer also.She took a 40 year old home and fully modernized it and totally redressed it. I have used her talents multipal times over the years.

- tomdic

June 27, 2013

Faye is an incredibly talented designer. Her creativeness and originality never ceases to amaze and bedazzle me. Faye was able to apply her many talents in the quest to remodel our 1960’s home, it was transformed into to a real show stopper. Every room morphed into a contemporary yet warm environment, both soothing and artistic. Faye has an eye for every detail that makes the difference in the outcome. She has a work ethic that is inspiring, her creativeness is a marvel to watch as she takes a challenged area and makes it beautiful. Her dedication to gather an amazing team of artists, craftsman is amazing, as it took quite a team to complete our massive job. I completely trust her to do an amazing job, as she takes a vision and bring it to fruition, with stunning results. I refer her to my friends and family with total confidence that she will meet their needs as successful as she met ours. This professional designer, Faye, can only be rated five stars in both creativeness and execution.

- carolsmithdickey

June 25, 2013

Faye Nielsen is such an easy person to work with. We remodeled two bathrooms and the work went very smooth. She was always available, either by phone or in person to help answer questions. Faye worked well with our contractor to make sure everything went well. She is eager to please and will accommodate your wishes. Faye is always introducing new ideas to every project and has a great eye for what will work and not work in the space being decorated. She is very down to earth and was a joy to work with.

- clintandkaye

June 24, 2013

Faye Nielsen of The Nielsen Collection is a pleasure to work with, and very creative. She has hired me twice so far to execute her designs. Her creativity, devotion to having a happy client, and professionalism make her good for both clients and vendors.
She is a creative visionary, and will see your space with new, fresh eyes, then bring you into her vision so you can see what she sees. She is aware of how budgets and lifestyles affect interior choices, and she is respectful of how important your home is, and wants you to be happy with what she does. Her clients call her back time after time. You will be happy if you hire Faye.

- Luminexa Surfacing

June 3, 2013

We were impressed with the portfolio of work that The Neilsen Collection showed us and when we had the initial meeting it was clear that there was an immediate understanding of the work we needed doing and the style we were looking for. Faye offered us some excellent options and ideas that we had not considered. The various contractors did excellent work in a timely manner and we were very satisfied with the results.

- Design & Grace

May 28, 2013

Mrs. Nielsen was instrumental in creating a fabulous new home, from the very beginning of the design process through the contstruction process, and even on to placement and arrangement of furniture/paintings/decorative items after we moved in. Her input into the lighting of the house was crutial. She added refinements to the kitchen to eliminate unslightly wall outlets and switches, installing little items that were flush to the surface which activated appliances with a simple touch. And once the project was complete she was and is still available for consultation, more like a friend than an employee. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- buzzn4ward

April 28, 2013

Faye is extremely professional and has an incredible eye for design. Faye was hired to help create a new design for a bathroom in desperate need of a remodel. She offered excellent ideas on how to maximize space and brought the bathroom into a functional and beautiful space. Its now one of the favorite rooms in the house! Faye went above and beyond to make the remodeling experience a smooth process. She took care of every detail, which, for me was exactly what I needed!

- maptx22

April 27, 2013